Overwhelming Congress Schedules Getting you Down?

A Client came to us and wanted a way to help their employees attend conferences with a strategic plan to cover events, data, and information presented at the conference. The problem they were encountering was the schedule of information for the conferences were large comprehensive books, with loads of information and schedules to sort through.  Each person attending the conference was creating their own schedule and not coordinating their efforts with the entire team, and in the end, feedback from their efforts at the congress as well as new data or announcements from competitors were not getting transmitted back to the executive teams. Even now that many conferences have turned to virtual platforms, our Client still needed a coordinated effort to cover all high-priority posters and sessions that could have important data the team needed to disseminate within the organization. There were many events that were only streaming live that would still need to be covered and only a limited number of people would be attending the virtual conference.


We helped the team narrow down sessions and posters from high-, medium-, and low-priority events and created an assigned schedule for all of those that would be attending. We then created an easy-to-use interactive PDF with schedules and assignments. This PDF is viewable on smartphones or tablets for when in-person conferences resume, but in both live and virtual settings, the attendees at the conference were able to see the schedule of speaking events/seminars that were assigned to them to make sure there was coverage.

In order to help complete the coverage, we also created:

  • An online library of abstracts, oral presentations, and E-poster PDFs (if available) for easy reference
  • Easy template to fill out with the coverage information that collected the key information presented to be used in an executive summary at the end of the conference or for an e-blast during the conference


The team members were able to navigate the conferences easily and quickly with their interactive PDF. They collected the key information presented at the congress and were able to quickly share their findings with their entire team and executives.

Sephirus Communications can design a functional easy to use Interactive PDF for your organization too.

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