Essential Tools

With millions of Americans moving to working remotely in 2020, the work landscape has changed dramatically. As we move into the later part of 2021 and into 2022, many businesses have decided to continue working remotely into the unforeseen future. Adapting to remote work has come with some challenges for many and with that, we have discovered some new tools to help us become more efficient in our remote work setups.

We would like to share a list of essential tools that have made working remotely more productive and comfortable.

  • Stand up desk 
    Helps with leg restlessness and lower back pain from sitting in a chair for long hours. Single motor lift is easy and smooth, no issues with lopsided sides of the desk. The control panel is easy to use and has 3 memory settings. This particular desk is large enough to place 2 monitors, a keyboard and other essential desk items. Comes with a cable caddy organizer that can be easily attached to the bottom of the desk. Available on
  • Standing Platform
    No room for a whole new desk? You can easily place the standing platform on top of a table or desk to convert it to a standing desk. The motor is smooth and quiet. The downside the unit is bulky and heavy. But if you don’t plan on moving it anywhere it’s well worth it.  Available on
  • Dual monitor arm
    The articulating arms allow monitors to tilt, swivel and rotate. It’s easy to find a screen orientation and combination to suit you.  Available on
  • Vertical Laptop holder
    Adjustable holders cradles your laptop up vertically and out of the way to keep your desk neat and organized. Who couldn’t use extra real estate on their desk? Available on
  • Fitball chair
    Strengthening your core and back while working is easy while on a fitball chair. Promotes correct posture and helps with circulation. The casters on the bottom of the chair makes it easy to maneuver around the office. They can easily be locked to keep the chair extra stable.  Available on
  • Footrests
    This adjustable footrest has been essential while working long hours at a desk. It helps to lift and angle your legs, feet, knees, and ankles to a position that reduces stress on the body – improve back and neck pain. It has adjustable height and angles settings for a custom fit.  Available on
  • WebCam
    Business-grade HD video: Full 1080p HD video, autofocus and advanced light correction for razor-sharp, clear video conversations.  Available on
  • Mechanical Keyboard
    This full-size high-performance, mechanical keyboard feels amazing on your fingertips and offers two distinct tactile experiences – click and soft. Tactile feedback for faster and accurate typing. The distinctive tapping sound created by each stroke on the keyboard…is reminiscent of being in a typing class. Available on
  • Wacom Pro Tablet
    The professional standard in creative pen tablets Wacom Intuos Pro sets a new standard for professional graphics tablets. It helps to create graphics from a more intuitive standpoint, as well as design and adapt both figures and graphics while using both hands at the same time (pen in the left hand, mouse in the right hand). Available on